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    Chris Roberts describes Star Citizen and the place of PvP


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    Chris Roberts describes Star Citizen and the place of PvP

    Post by Pekay on Wed 19 Sep 2018, 2:54 am

    Play from 36:10 ...

    Yes, there will be PvP in SC but it will not be the defining characteristic of the game.  In that sense, Star Citizen will be very different to the likes of Eve Online.

    Yes, INSUN will engage in PvP but that will not define us.  No org in Star Citizen will be a 100% PvP group.  It appears that such a goal will not even be possible in Star Citizen.

    INSUN (like Star Citizen itself) is built on the premise that, "There is room for everyone and everyone can find a valued place in INSUN."*
    * Subject to the caveat that INSUN will be a UEE law abiding org that will not engage in piracy.

    The above linked statements from CR also address a concern that some players have had.  It will not be possible for any player org (even the largest with thousands of members) to block other players/orgs from enjoying the game.

    Star Citizen will have room enough for everyone, and every player and every org will be able to enjoy playing the game.

    Therefore, please do consider joining a "smaller" group like INSUN.  You will not need massive numbers to enjoy Star Citizen.  In an org like INSUN you will not be a cog in the machine and you will have great opportunity to shine and to make true friends who you actually enjoy spending time with.

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    Re: Chris Roberts describes Star Citizen and the place of PvP

    Post by J-D-B on Fri 21 Sep 2018, 11:23 am

    Sounds good!! 

    I do LOVE a bit of PVP, but I understand its not for everyone and reading some of the huge lissues in EVE from gankers praying people who just wanted to play the game their own way,  this is a great direction for SC!

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    Re: Chris Roberts describes Star Citizen and the place of PvP

    Post by Deathclaw on Fri 21 Sep 2018, 6:17 pm

    sounds very good, straight to the core if it

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