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    Dogfight Module Access


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    Dogfight Module Access

    Post by Pekay on Thu 17 Apr 2014, 1:26 am

    All existing SC backers will naturally have access to the dogfight test module.

    However, it now seems that anyone who missed out on an alpha slot can still buy access to the dogfight test module for $5. Happy

    Also see the alpha slot info on the RSI website:

    RSI Website wrote:Do I need an Alpha Slot to play the Dogfighting Module?
    Every account with an Alpha Slot will be eligible to play the Dogfighting Module. If your package does not include one of the ships scheduled for the first release, you will be able to play with a ‘loaner.’ Later backers who do not have an Alpha Slot on their account will be given the option of purchasing a Dogfighting Pass to join the fun!

    Can I still play without an Alpha Slot?
    Players who join Star Citizen after the slots are gone will have the option of purchasing $5 passes to play the individual alpha modules, with the money going to cover the additional server bandwidth necessary. (For phased launches, like the upcoming Dogfighting Module, passes will not be available until servers have been allotted to all existing backers.) Note that you will need a separate pass for each future module.

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